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Leading custom manufacturing of small objets
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Address:Txonta 16, 1st floor. 20600 - Eibar (Gipuzkoa). Spain

Phone: +34 943 20 89 39



Order processing

Once we receive the order, which, to avoid any mistake or misunderstanding, we beg you to be a well detailed unique document, we send a graphic artwork, a summary of the order with our interpretation and a proforma invoice with the economic conditions. Once these three documents are approved by the customer we go ahead and launch production. We recommend to order an approval sample before mass production and take into account the necessary additional time: one more week for approval by e-mail, or two-three weeks more for approval by physical sample.


We have samples available free-of-charge for clients for study or presentation. You can find the cost of custom sample manufacturing within our price list.

Graphics files

For full colour printing JPG or TIFF files are valid, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. For vector files printing CDR files are ideal; we can also read PDF, AI, EPS and FH files, always with texts converted into curves or contours, and we need a complementary jpg file for checking.


The materials we use, metals, plastics, leather, ribbons, ..., are adapted to each product and the markets where we operate.


We produce in our factory in Eibar, Spain, or in a factory in South-East Asia. We selected the asian factory according to criteria on compliance with legal standards as well as its quality and competitiveness.

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